Utilise Your Mind to Shape Your Business

What we feel we can influence impacts what we actually do influence. This concept is often applied to personal goals, but what about how this mind-set can actually shape your entire business?

   There is a number of variables as to why some people are more successful in business than others, but ultimately it is the mind-set that sets the best apart from everybody else.

Here are some human characteristics you could improve upon in order to develop both personally and professionally:

1. Be empathetic.
Put aside your knowledge, culture, opinions and view of the world with a purpose in order to understand other people’s experiences, motivations and emotions and you can use that understanding to create better products for them.
From an entirely business profit-driven perspective, an empathetic approach to products and services is a crucial component of any good business.
It is not enough that a product or service is feasible in that all of the means are there to create it, it must also be desirable to users in order to make the product viable.
You can only design a product or service that the market desires when your target markets experiences and preferences are properly understood. If you develop products and services without essential insights about your users, you run the risk of completely missing the mark and thus being ignored by the market.

2. Be process orientated.
Although visualising what success means to you and having a goal is important, enjoying the ‘process’ that is going to get you there I’d argue is more so.
By focusing on the desired outcome rather than the process you are attaching your worth to your performance, however when your sense of worth is attached to the effort you make, the process itself becomes exciting and rewarding, regardless of the outcome.

3. Be an ongoing learner.
In a world and market that is ever-changing, you are responsible for decisions about how to stay relevant and competitive in your field. Many people associate learning with formal education at School, College and University, however, knowledge and skill-sets can be developed throughout your life.
Those that choose to maintain a positive attitude towards learning tend to develop more both personally and professionally – it may be hard to imagine having time to set aside in your hectic schedule to learn any more than what is absolutely necessary to get through the mundane tasks of everyday life, but to simply develop enough skill to get by is an avenue to mediocrity.
By continuing to learn and adapt, ongoing learners have that competitive edge. Their skill set stays relevant and current to the changing market. It allows a business to keep in the loop of what its customer base expects and to act accordingly to keep their users interested.

4. Be resilient.
Being your own boss is hugely rewarding, however it isn’t always easy, so learning to thrive and grow in difficult situations is essential to your success.
We all have faith and fear to some degree, it’s normal. Acknowledge your fears, but make the conscious effort to look beyond your current circumstances and think of all the possibilities for what could go right instead of paying attention to what could go wrong. This shift in mind set will help you and your business survive all of the difficulties it might experience along the way.

5. Be a leader.
The leadership demonstrated by leaders of a company are invaluable when it comes to coming up with and communicating new company directions. Good leaders need to make the right decisions and ensure that a business is able to utilise any opportunities that it is presented with whilst anticipating and acting against any potential threats.
Great leaders set forth a mission and they live up to it. They communicate their goals with clarity and motivate their team to increase dedication to organisational goals in order to achieve them.
To be a leader that people want to follow: care for the people that you are leading, praise them publicly when they do right and, when appropriate, criticise or scold in private, dress to influence, delegate responsibility to them and offer them kindness and support.

6. Be responsible.
To prevent disappointing your customers, avoid over-promising and under-delivering. It is imperative that you do your best to meet obligations to both your customers and colleagues. Sometimes you find yourself in a position where it is no longer advantageous to move forward with something or circumstances may prevent you from doing something when you promised you would do it – even so, in these circumstances it is your responsibility to discuss the problem with your customer or colleague and together determine a way forward that is fair to both parties.
Users will favour using a product or service from a company that demonstrates responsibility and kindness which in turn increases customer loyalty and a positive business reputation.

Your mind-set is your habitual way of thinking, it’s who you really are. There is nothing easy about shifting your mind-set and it will take a lot of intentional effort on your part to fully execute this, however if you work hard at developing your human qualities and endeavour to do better you’ll find yourself at a competitive advantage for success in work and in life.

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