UKSE: Giving Something Back To Steel Areas Across the UK

Launched in February 2016, the UKSE Kickstart Fund was created to support those looking to start a business in the North Lincolnshire area providing grants of between £500 and £1,000.
With many communities across the UK economically affected by changes in the steel industry – such as Scunthorpe – UK Steel Enterprise (UKSE) work in these areas supporting small and medium sized businesses with finance and business premises.
One of the most recent entrepreneurs in this area to utilise funding from the UKSE Kickstart Fund is Joanne Wagstaff, a Scunthorpe-based entrepreneur who has launched an equine-orientated therapeutic service centre upon receiving £1000 from UK Steel Enterprise who are based at Scunthorpe Office Rental.
Joanne specialises in helping people who require emotional or psychological support to tackle stress, mental illness and anxiety and has over ten years of clinical experience as a trained psychotherapist in the equine psychotherapy industry.
Joanne said; “Horses have a unique ability to help clients increase emotional intelligence and increase self-awareness, as well as to develop resilience and aid self-regulation. The empowerment that I see some clients get from their sessions is unbelievable, and it is amazing to continue to do this on such a scale that can really change peoples’ lives.
“The funding that I have received has been a huge help in getting the business up and running. I love being able to provide my clients with such a unique psychotherapy session, and this wouldn’t have been possible without the funding from UKSE Kickstart Fund.
“Alongside investing in marketing collateral, advertising and networking with key professionals, I have also purchased a secure and confidential IT database to enable the business to run free of paper records, in accordance with the Data protection Act. This wouldn’t have been possible without the funding, so thank you UKSE.” – Wagstaff, J. (2017) Scunthorpe entrepreneur launches equine psychotherapy business with £1000 investment, Scunthorpe Telegraph.

Another person funding from the UK Steel Enterprise Kickstart fund has benefitted recently is North Lincolnshire based TV star and antiques expert, Steve Kirby.
Steve Kirby purchased the Messingham School building in 2014 and with help from UKSE has transformed the 1906 derelict building in Messingham into a farm shop with an antique centre, a café, a delicatessen, florist’s, and butcher’s shop.
The £1,000 funding from UK Steel Enterprise allowed Messingham Farm Shop to purchase its own fridges and freezers to keep food made in their own in-house kitchen.
Steve Kirby said; “It’s quite incredible how much of a success the shop is becoming. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback from the café and shop. It’s great to now have the antiques centre and florist up and running as well.
“The investment for the fridges has helped further cement the ambitions we have for giving the very best service, giving back to the community and ensuring the continued success of our business.
“In fact, we now have a well-established customer base which is growing by the day, and I’m delighted to be delivering a range of services to many different customers in Messingham.” – Kirby, S. (2017) Press Release, UK Steel Enterprise.

As well as the grants available to budding entrepreneurs through the UKSE Kickstart Fund, there is also additional support to help existing companies in the region to grow, and can provide investment finance of up to £1m to facilitate expansion and create job opportunities, as well as loans of up to £100,000. Supporting businesses since 1975, the continuing work demonstrated by UK Steel Enterprise has helped over 6000 businesses so far.

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