Are You Still Advertising a Mobile Number as Your Business Contact Number?

Mobile numbers are advertised everywhere; on the side of vans, on websites, in newspaper adverts etc.  Many people don’t work from a home or an office – especially builders, plumbers, electricians etc. these are normally the kind of businesses that advertise a mobile number as the only way to answer calls while they’re out is on their mobile phone.

There is such a thing as a Virtual Telephone Number – you can pay for a telephone number with your preferred area code and any calls made to that number are forwarded to a telephone number of your choice. This comes with the convenience of being able to answer your calls wherever you are and a much more professional image.

But, what makes a Landline Number look more professional?

  • It appears as though your business is based in an office or headquarters, which in turn makes you appear more established.

  • The majority of people are much more likely to call a business if they know that it is local to them, especially businesses such as builders, plumbers, electricians etc.

  • People are generally more familiar with calling local numbers, especially the older generation. For the less technology savvy folk, calling a number can be much more comfortable.

If you are advertising a mobile number as your business contact number, a virtual telephone number could be the ideal, low cost solution for you. Enquire here.

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