A Creative Perspective from a Client – Auditel: Our Stance on Co-Working.

I am a freelance Business Management Specialist, running an Auditel Franchise from the North Lincolnshire area. I work with Financial Directors, Chief Executives and Business Owners throughout the UK delivering new perspectives to drive productivity within their business, make them significant company savings and increase their profitability.

If there’s anything I’ve learned by working freelance, it is that the physical workplace definitely does impact how efficiently and successfully I complete my work. Finding the right space to work from over the years certainly hasn’t come without it’s trial and error – I have worked from hotel lobbies, cafés, libraries, my dining room and my car without much success. It was 2013 when I spoke to a colleague about the benefits of co-working that I decided to jump on the bandwagon myself and started using a desk at Scunthorpe Office Rental on an ad-hoc basis and I will never go back.

Co-working has offered me a good internet connection, good coffee and most importantly the company of talented, like-minded locals that have chosen a unique and independent lifestyle just like me! I have met clients and business collaborators whilst co-working which have proved critical for my business.

I think the biggest personal benefit for me is that I have been able to separate home from work. I found working from home, it was far too easy to get distracted by family related chores, the TV, the fridge. By just leaving to go to work, I work far more effectively – the financial costs of using a co-working space (which by no means breaks the bank!!) are lower than the financial benefits it creates.
I would encourage anybody working from their home or from coffee shops up and down the country to just give it a try.

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